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Pardon Our Dust – Tools

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

Dear Friend,

The successful completion of the demolition phase of my project exposed a major flaw in my considerations when I originally estimated the cost — the condition and adequacy of the tools needed. The demo portion required me to purchase a large sledge-hammer and a reciprocating saw at a combined cost of over $150.00. Although I was able to use both tools later, they added to the cost.

As the project progressed, other tools were needed to get the job done. Below are some valuable lessons I learned about the importance of using the right tools for the right job. See what insights you can gain from my experience.


Verdun Woods

The Thriving Marriage Coach

The Right Tools for the Right Job

Home improvement projects require a variety of tools; most are called “hand” tools, as they serve as extensions of your hands and arms. Hand tools are essential for day-to-day jobs and have been used by humans since ancient times to complete various useful tasks. Some tools are versatile and some are only used for a specific job. For example, while technically possible, you can’t efficiently pound nails with a screwdriver or drive screws with a hammer.

High-quality, well-designed tools are a pleasure to use. They give professional results and help you do the job more safely. Some tools are manual while others are automated power tools that save time and energy.

The most essential tools needed to complete my project included a hammer, chisel, knife, drill, screwdrivers, paint brushes, trowels, and various saws for cutting wood, tile, pipe and metal.

Penny Wise and Pound Foolish

Although I owned most of the tools required for the project, there were a couple of instances where I should have invested in new tools that could have proven to be “game changers.” The first involved a choice to use my existing impact drill and masonry screws to attach 5 wooden studs to an exterior brick wall rather than purchase a 22-caliber nail gun to handle the task. Since a new nail gun was priced at over $150.00 and might only have limited use, I reasoned that I could save money by using the impact drill I already owned.

What I didn’t anticipate was how hard it was to pre-drill holes through the wood into the brick wall with the drill in one hand while holding the stud in place with the other hand. The route I chose took me over 15 hours of time over the span of 5-7 days, working off and on. Had I chosen to purchase the nail gun, this same task would have taken a total of 30 minutes! This hidden “opportunity” cost didn’t “save” money; it actually cost me five times more than the price of the nail gun and delayed my project by at least a full week!

My other major error in judgment involved the tile-cutting saw. Although I was given a used saw kit by a friend, which “saved” me $200.00 or more, it lacked a couple of key pieces that compromised safety and efficiency. The safety issue was related to a missing plastic cover over the saw blade that prevented water from spewing forth from the basin. Though I faithfully wore safety goggles while frequently using this very dangerous equipment, I had to constantly stop to wipe them to see where I was guiding the tile through the saw blade. The other missing item was a metal guide, for which I compensated by manually guiding the tile. Had I simply chosen to invest in a new tile-cutting tool kit, I could have spared myself the intense fear, anxiety, and time-consuming task of cutting tile accurately without cutting off one or more of my fingers!

Don’t Try This At Home

Often, the above warning is given to those who are inexperienced or unskilled in a task to avoid injury or costly mistakes. Sometimes, sincere couples wanting to work on their marriage lack the tools or skills necessary to effectively engage in “home” improvement projects. To learn how you can invest in a program that provides high-quality, well-designed tools and resources to help remodel your relationship, CLICK HERE to schedule a FREE 30-minute preview call (a $75.00 value) TODAY!

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