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Pardon Our Dust – Finished...ish

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

Dear Friend, Major home improvements like my master bathroom remodel project require hard work. But despite

the cost, the fear of failure, the setbacks, and even the times of losing heart — it’s worth it! In this last segment, I’ll share some final insights I gained throughout this endeavor. My goal is to

encourage you that your labor is not in vain as you engage in your own “relationship” remodel

project. Blessings,

Verdun Woods The Thriving Marriage Coach

Momentum Momentum is a term technically used in physics to describe strength or force gained by motion or by a series of events. In competitive sports, this phenomenon occurs when one team makes a series of positive plays that shifts the emotion of the game in their favor and renews their strength, enabling them to gain an advantage over their opponent. I experienced this effect while removing and replacing the defective tile work. After pressing my way through feelings of fear and discouragement, I gained the momentum I needed to complete the project. Finishing Strong Anyone can start a work, but only those who are fully committed can finish it strong. Once I got past the trauma of rebuilding the section of natural stone accent tile, the project began to take shape. Motivated by my newfound hope, I mapped out a plan of daily milestones, with detailed sub-tasks included in my written checklist. I paced myself to ensure I could meet my revised date of completion. Then my competitive instincts kicked in, and I exceeded my daily goals. Sometimes, I was as much as two or three days ahead of schedule. Fighting From Victory to Victory One of my favorite lines in the old-school hymn Yield Not to Temptation is “each victory will help you, some other to win.” In essence, it means that we can draw strength from past victories to drive us to achieve new ones. Getting past the major setback with the accent tile fueled my confidence as I faced and overcame new challenges throughout the remainder of the project. Each time doubt in my ability to complete new tasks would creep in — like cutting the metal trim for the wall niche or installing the tempered glass shower doors — I would reflect on my prior “victory” and get the strength to conquer the next challenge. Done Is Better Than Perfect The final phases of the project included installing the remaining tile and grout work, mounting the new vanity, countertop, mirror, and sink, reconnecting the plumbing and toilet, installing the new shower doors, and adding a few cosmetic finishing touches. Each of these tasks had their own share of complications but, ultimately, I got them all done. And while I was painfully aware of every single flaw in the entire room from floor to ceiling, I resisted my perfectionist tendencies and finished the job! The Song That Never Ends Home improvement is not a destination. It’s a constant journey toward continuous enhancements — not perfection! Just when you think you’re done, new needs arise due to delayed or unfinished projects, routine maintenance, or changing preferences. In much the same way, working on relational “home” improvement is a journey. No matter how long a couple has been married, there’s always room for improvement, ranging from cosmetic level to expansion to “gut” rehab projects. For some couples, the DIY approach is sufficient for the task. For many more, having someone with the skills and experience to guide them along the way is the best option. If you think your marriage could benefit from a makeover or simply want to make some enhancements to improve your quality of life, CLICK HERE to schedule a FREE 30-minute preview of my online course A Marriage that THRIVES. Don’t settle for just surviving when you can enjoy a marriage that’s thriving!

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