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Pardon Our Dust – Fear of Failure

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

Dear Friend,

Over the years, my experience with major home improvement projects has been a walk of faith, defined as the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen. Even with a clear vision for the final outcome, great cost estimates, and all the right tools for the job, there’s no guarantee that the remodel will turn out the way you envision.

The opposite of faith is fear. In the case of my bathroom remodel project, it was the fear of failing to achieve the desired results.

Check out today’s edition to see how I faced and overcame my fear of failure.


Verdun Woods The Thriving Marriage Coach

The Emotion of Fear Fear is a natural, powerful human emotion! It alerts us to the presence of danger or the threat of harm, whether physical, emotional, or psychological – real or perceived. There are some “healthy” forms of fear, such as not approaching a dangerous animal or poisonous snake, or fleeing to safety from a threatening storm or wildfire. But if we allow fear to consume us, it can invade our mind, dominate our thoughts, or cause us to lose confidence in our knowledge, skills, and abilities or that of others upon whom we depend. Mind Games The bible says that fear has torment. Once I “gutted” the room, stripping the walls to the studs and removing floor and ceiling tiles, it was on! I was “all in” with a mindset that there was no turning back. Though I am usually pretty even-tempered and cool under pressure, I must confess to feeling overwhelmed at times, tormented by waves of doubt, anxiety, and “what ifs?” What if I didn’t properly wire the electrical connections? What if I couldn’t correctly “float” the sub-floor of the shower to enable proper drainage? What if the wall I built wasn’t level and didn’t align with the large sections of tile I needed to install? What if????? At times, I literally lost sleep as these anxious thoughts played table tennis with my mind. Bishops and YouTubers Bishops are seasoned overseers from whom others seek guidance. Although I’m pretty good with my hands and have developed some areas of expertise of my own, such as painting, wall papering and carpentry, I recognize the safety that comes from the multitude of counsel. Whenever I undertake work requiring specialized skills, I consult friends who are expert in their given craft – auto mechanics, plumbers, electricians, or tile installers. I call them my “bishops” because I can count on them to guide me through times when I get stuck and need an expert opinion. YouTube also possesses its own version of bishops – a vast array of seasoned pros and experienced DYI-ers who walk you through simple and complex projects and techniques. In addition to my personal advisers, I “consulted” these “virtual” bishops many times throughout the project. Having access to the knowledge, experience, and helpful insights of others who had successfully done what I was trying to do relieved most of my doubts and fears and inspired me to press on beyond my anxious thoughts. Marriage Makeovers As a seasoned relationship adviser and coach, I have encountered many couples who struggle with these types of fears even though they realize their marriage has drifted into emotional detachment or spiritual isolation. Some have sought professional counseling or therapy, with mixed results. Others have tried DYI “home” improvement projects but lack the knowledge or skill. Most have simply done nothing, hoping things improve on their own. Sadly, many end up either separating, divorcing, or settling for something far less than what God intended for their union. If you want to achieve success and find deep fulfillment in your relationship, why not consult a “bishop” who can help with your project and guide you to experience a thriving marriage? CLICK HERE and schedule a FREE 30-minute preview (a $75.00 value!) to learn more about my 8-week virtual course: A Marriage that THRIVES.

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