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Marriage is not a human construct but a divine covenant, designed for the mutual fulfillment and satisfaction of a man and woman. Sadly, many couples approach married life from a “survival” mindset and resign themselves to a lifelong pursuit of mutual tolerance.

In A Marriage that THRIVES, the author introduces a new 7-part framework that challenges you to pursue a relationship that does not just tolerate your differences but celebrates your oneness! Rather than viewing marriage as an endurance test, or playing “defense” to avoid divorce, this book encourages the reader to go on the "offensive" to achieve the abundance God intended you to enjoy for a lifetime. The 7 keys he shares that will help guide you on your journey to a thriving marriage are: Trust, Harmony, Role clarity, Intimacy, Vitality, Eternal outlook, and Sustainability.

A Marriage that THRIVES: 7 Keys to a Lifetime of Abundance

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